Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures is well known for their top-quality endurance horses and exceptional safaris. The horse riding holiday takes you along the Wild Coast, a stretch of rugged and unspoiled coastline encompassing golden beaches, isolated bays and rocky headlands.

The Wild Coast is birthplace to Nelson Mandela and homeland of the Xhosa people, horse riders will pass by rural traditional villages dotted along rolling hills with their bright pastel coloured houses. Pass through herds of local cattle resting on the beach and explore the famous ‘Jacaranda’ shipwreck whilst on the lookout for breaching humpback whales and pods of dolphins.

The horses are absolutely fantastic, they are sturdy, forward going, easy to control and familiar with environment and conditions in which they are ridden. They are specifically selected for trail riding, with a wide choice from a mixture of breeds averaging roughly 15 hands. The saddles used are especially designed for the trail, with a high pommel and cantle that distributes the weight equally on the horses back making it very comfortable for horse and rider.

The Wild Coast boasts blissful weather all year round. It’s always warm to hot, sometimes wet but never cold. The best time of year to visit is in the autumn and winter months, from the end of March through to late August – not too hot with clear blue-sky days. The summer months are less predictable with long sunny days that often finish with magnificent thunderstorms that are almost over before they begin.

You will stay in several different hotels on route. In all, the accommodation is comfortable with lovely clean and spacious rooms. The properties are well maintained, with incredible facilities ranging from tennis courts and swimming pools to spa treatments. The dining is wholesome, farm fresh with seafood specialities and famous South African barbeques. The warm African hospitality together with the tranquil settings and beautiful beaches will make your holiday very special.

Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures is a family business, Julie-Anne Gower together with her husband Clint and son Ashley ensure that you have an extraordinary holiday in one of the last remaining untouched coastal ecosystems in Southern Africa.